Vivo y72 5g A New Generation of Smartphones

VIVO launched its latest smartphone Vivo Y72 5G today in India. Its key features and pricing indicate that it will definitely compete with the current leading smartphone offerings from Samsung and Nokia. However, the Indian version of Vivo Y 72 has some distinct differences from its Thai counterpart that was launched in March. Vivo provides free one-time screen replacements (Rs99 for 6 months), free text messages and international calls for a limited time, and free mobile internet for life with a contract.

Despite the substantial features, it is evident that the new handset is more stylish and refined than the iPhone 5s and similar Android handsets. A five-inch screen size vivo y72 5g makes it easier to view text messages and make calls. The body is covered with rugged textured material, unlike the iPhone and Android models, which use smooth glass or plastic with smooth sides. The backside is made of smooth metal, and the entire back has an anti-glare coating to minimize the visibility of bright sunlight.

The vivid orange color of the Vivo Y72 5g is quite unique. The phone comes with an aluminum frame, which gives it a solid feel and a more futuristic appearance. Despite being lighter than the iPhone and Android devices, it weighs a respectable fraction of a pound. This makes the Yota easier to carry as it weighs almost nothing. It also has a dual SIM card – one for connectivity purposes and the other for data storage.

The body of the Vivo Y 72 5g is made of high-grade Gorilla Glass. The phone is protected by a solid cover, which adds to the phone’s protection and keeps it dust-resistant. The phone is therefore protected from scratches, which is common with most phones. In addition, the gorilla glass offers high levels of resistance against water. The memory card is supported by two gigabyte slots, which allow the users to store large files. Furthermore, the video y 72’s battery lasts for a whole day and is capable of making quick work out of mobile telephony.

Under the skin, the phone has a dual camera setup, namely, a 12 megapixel unit and a 5 megapixel one. These are complimented with a laser sensor for facial recognition. The Vivo Y 72’s technology supports dual LED flash, which works in low light conditions. The device also comes with a fun touch keyboard, which can be adjusted according to the preference of the user. A novel feature of this phone is the fast charging system. The fast charging enables the users to enjoy long talk time without worrying about the power source.

Under the skin, the phone has a heart rate monitor and a built-in clock. The built-in camera setup is facilitated through connectivity with the GPS and the Bluetooth. The front facing camera is a good one, which supports image stabilization and panning. A fingerprint sensor and LED flashlight to help to improve security measures. The video y 72’s Rear Camera Setup has an expanded memory, which will allow the users to add more photo frames.

At the first look, the Vivo Y 72 looks like a slim and attractive cell phone. It has a metallic silver frame, curved edge trim, and a two-tone finish. The body is completely aluminum, with a smooth back and sides. The battery is not replaceable and it comes with a SIM tray. The connectivity options are very good with the connectivity options including Bluetooth, wifi, GPRS, USB, etc. The connectivity options enabled by these handsets are quite impressive, which enable you to download lot more data and songs.

With a powerful processor, powerful RAM and expandable memory, the Vivo Y 72 gives you a chance to enjoy your favorite songs and videos. The high-end technology allows you to watch your favorite movies on the move with clarity. Other features include a large LED-type keypad, a dual-mode flashlight, OMA Quickheat, system bar, system management utilities, IP rotation, optical digital audio output, proximity sensor, VOIP telephone, MMS and a memory card.